Pilates w/ Kathleen
Pilates w/ Kathleen

What our customers say about us

"I’ve suffered from a “bad” back (disc degeneration/bulges/tears) for years as well as ankle injuries, lack of core and uneven hips from 3 pregnancies. After my latest back injury it was almost impossible for me to sit in a chair for more than 1/2 hr at a time, put my socks on without tightness in my hips/back or pick up my youngest child without fear of injury. Kathleen has been able to help me gain power in my lower, middle and upper back as well as build core strength and flexibility. She is able to modified exercises to ensure a safe but challenging workout. I can’t not stress what a life saver she has been to my quality of life. Pilates has truly given me the ability to live my life again. I can play with my kids, workout and do most activities i enjoy again."

-Katie V. 


"I so look forward to my hour with Kathleen each week! After a few months of weekly sessions I feel stronger and better than I have in a long time following my three pregnancies. Kathleen meets you where you are and you will feel great when you are done!"

-Maggie M.


"Post pregnancy, I have had awful joint pains and was left with a significant diastasis. Kathleen has helped me to function again. She has helped my flexibility, strength, and endurance. Her workouts are modified to fit my needs and she is very conscientious of my limitations. She is thorough. I always come out of every session feeling stronger and more supported. I have lost weight and my muscle tone has improved. I highly recommend her, particularly post partum and/or if you have a diastasis."

-Niyati S.


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